Personal Wealth Management

So you have a 401(k) and you are maxing out your companies matching incentive- What next?




Financial Planning


  1. Financial Strategies Is our planning service that we offer as a complementary service to every client.  Our goals with Financial Strategies is to help organize what you currently have, help you formulate and set your short-term and long-term goals, analyze where you currently stand in relation to those goals, and if there are any gaps or inefficiencies, we show you ideas of how to fill those gaps and get back on track to reaching the retirement lifestyle you are dreaming of.  We as financial advisors find this to be an essential initial step for both you as the client to see exactly where you stand, as well as for us as advisors to paint a very clear picture of your current situation and specific long-term goals so that we can put together a financial plan that is specific to your individual situation.
    1. (Financial Pyramid) (Financial Strategies Brochure)



Retirement Income Planning

  1. As our individual and 401(k) clients near retirement, we assist clients transition from growth portfolios to portfolios that will be able to create a consistent monthly/quarterly/annually income source during their retirement years.  We create any ideas and options that pull together all of your current 401(k), IRA, Investment accounts as well as social security to give you a clear picture of an estimated income you will be able to expect during your retirement years.



Investment Strategies

  1. Investment strategies is a specialty and main focus of ours.  Our account management ranges from IRA Rollovers to corporate reserve accounts. We are able to use both fee-based and non fee-based products. Each has advantages in different situations and this allows the client to make a decision based on what's right for their situation.
  2. We follow a four step process
    1. Determine Your Objectives
      1. Financial circumstances
      2. Risk tolerance
      3. Income and liquidity needs
      4. Time horizon
      5. Tax considerations
    2. Formulate a Strategy to designed to help you reach your goals and realistic to your current and future financial situation
      1. Balancing protection with growth
      2. Asset Allocation
      3. Short and Long-Term investment outlook
      4. Retirement income and risk modeling
    3. Helping your implement a strategy
      1. Variety of products
      2. Trust administration
      3. Multi-layered due diligence
    4. Review portfolio performance
      1. Ongoing portfolio reviews
      2. Quarterly performance report
      3. Educating you as a client
      4. Quarterly, semiannual, or annual review meeting
      5. Changing client circumstances



Insurance Planning

  1. The financial protection insurance products provide is an integral part of any financial plan.  We assist clients in both reviewing what they currently have, both on their own and through their employer's group benefits, and calculating their actual need.  We take a looks at many different areas of including:
    1. Life Insurance
    2. Income Protection/Disability Insurance
    3. Long-Term Care Insurance
  2. Our goal with clients is to have a simplified, straight forward conversation about their insurance needs and help them navigate through the many different types of insurance to find what best fits their short-term, long-term, and income needs.
  3. We see that most clients have not reviewed their coverage in years or decades.  The insurance market changes more quickly than many people think, both in cost of coverage and products that are available.  We suggest clients review their policies every three years to both review their potentially changing needs as well as changes and opportunity in the insurance market.



Estate Planning

  1. We help you preserve what has taken a lifetime to accumulate.  Our goal is to help your assets be distributed consistently with your wishes.  Being proactive now allows you to make strategic decisions down the road.
  2. Estate planning or wealth transfer tactics can help minimize the impact of taxes and expenses while maximizing distributions to heirs, third parties or charities.  These preservation techniques involve both estate and business planning.
  3. Our Advanced Solutions group helps out client estimate potential future tax burdens to allow you to understand future tax burdens your heirs might be subject to.  This data allows us to team up with trusted accountants and attorneys to structure a plan that fulfills goals of passing along your wealth.